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Matthew Loftes
Managing Director 
Lisa Quinn
Executive Assistant 
Jeremy Clapp
Strategic Projects Director 
Gary Turnbull
National Business Development Manager and Director 
Sean Gibbs
Chief Operating Officer  
Jordan Colbert
National Civil Manager 
Kris Knight
Environmental Team Leader - VIC  
Kylie Raine
National Business Development Coordinator 
Alice Rossiter
Principal Housing Engineer 
Drew Gowling
Environmental Team Leader 
July Martinez
Structural Engineer 
Gouri Dhabade
Housing Civil & Structural Engineer 
Alan Greaney
Forensic Team Leader, National Business Development Principal 
Richard Casey
Principal Forensic Engineer 
Tom Stopinski
Structural Drafter 
Iain Whyte
IT Manager 
Matthew Platt
National Laboratory Manager 
Ryley Talbot
FMG Research Business Development Manager 
Lance Nhim
Graduate Structural Engineer 
Gary Francis
Chairman, Non-executive Director 
Chris Clarke
Principal Civil Designer 
Anthony Hogg
National Residential Manager 
Oliver Kelly
National Forensic Manager and Director 
Angelo Demangos
Residential Technical Manager 
Chris Paros
Victorian Laboratory Manager  
Timothy Lam
Senior Structural Engineer 
Chris Drews
Forensic Engineer 
Seth Chea
Structural Engineer 
Lachlan Nunn
Principal Forensic Engineer 
Bassam Deek
Principal Forensic Engineer 
Fiona Wise
Bid Coordinator, Engineering Geologist 
Jeff Zanker
Principal Civil Engineer 
Joe Close
Principal Forensic Engineer 
Tony Masters
Principal Structural Engineer 
Brett Timmins
Principal Structural Engineer 
Alex Lin
Senior Forensic Engineer 
Rod Mazurczak
Senior Structural Drafter 
Aleks Wysocki
Fieldwork Manager 
Maxwell Merryvale
Principal geotechnical engineer 
Hector Catalogna
Structural Manager 
Neroosh Raviranjan
Senior Forensic Engineer 
Ji-Wan Sohn
Principal Forensic Engineer 
Justin Brown
Forensic Engineer 
Stuart Burrows
Quality Coordinator 
Stephen Muldoon
Principal Forensic Engineer 
Sarah Lyons
Systems Administrator 
Alexander Cortes
Forensic Engineer 
Sam Lane
Laboratory Team Leader 
Maurits Brookman
Senior Soils Technician 
Michael Shaw
Principal Structural Engineer 
John Goldfinch
Senior Forensic Investigator and Non-executive Director 
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