WGEA Statement

FMG Engineering Workplace Gender and
Equality Agency/Act Statement

Our average (mean) gender pay gap stands at 22.5%. This figure closely compares with the National average (mean) gender pay gap of 21.7%. We recognise that we have some way to go to improving the gender pay gap within our organisation. We are pleased, however, that the average (mean) gender pay gap has reduced significantly from the previous year by 12%.

We operate in the engineering and science industry which has historically been grossly overrepresented by men. Attracting females to engineering and science roles has been a considerable challenge and remains a key focus for our organisation. To help bridge the gap, we have committed to replacing a vacancy on our board with a female director in 2024 and we have recently commenced a new graduate program particularly aimed at recruiting more females to our organisation. These initiatives support our current offerings, such as maternity leave, flexible working hours, and purchased leave, to name a few, aimed at attracting and retaining women. We are confident that through these initiatives we will continue to see a reduction in FMG Engineering’s gender pay gap over time.

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