Graduate Program

Why Choose Our Graduate Program?

Expert Mentorship

Benefit from the guidance and expertise of experienced professionals who will mentor and support your professional growth throughout the program. 

Cutting-Edge Projects

Work on challenging projects at the forefront of engineering, enabling you to make a real impact and contribute to groundbreaking solutions.

Collaborative Environment

Join a collaborative and inclusive work culture where teamwork and knowledge sharing thrive, providing you with a supportive environment to learn and grow.

Career Development

Access comprehensive training programs and continuous learning opportunities to enhance your technical skills and advance your career within FMG Engineering.


At FMG Engineering I’ve had the privilege for working on crucial civil infrastructure projects, from simple drafting to major designs. With expert guidance and a friendly atmosphere, it’s the ideal place to advance your career.
Edna Hiraishi Neves
Overall, my experience with FMG Engineering has been excellent. They were responsive to my specific learning preferences and provided invaluable support from professionals who were always willing to discuss and clarify any issues.
Jarrad Barford

Program Highlights

Professional Development

Participate in workshops, seminars, and training sessions designed to enhance your technical skills, foster your leadership abilities, and build a solid foundation for your engineering career.

Competitive Compensation

Enjoy a competitive salary and benefits package and additional perks.

Collaborative Projects

Work on cross-functional teams or group projects to build relationships and expand your network within the organisation.

Online Learning Platforms

Utilise online learning platforms that offer interactive courses and discussion forums to connect with other learners and industry professionals.

Key Dates

Graduate Program

31st December 2023

Undergraduate Placement

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Applications open all year


How do you fit in at FMG Engineering? Depending on your area of study take a look at the
table below to see where you could potentially take your career.


Residential Structural Civil Geotechnical Environmental Forensic Aquatics
Area of study Civil
x x x x x
x x
x x x x
x x

To assist you in crafting the ideal career tailored to your aspirations, explore the possibilities within each department below and discover your potential.


Discover your path in Residential engineering, where your career thrives in the heart of residential development. As a graduate engineer, you’ll take charge of crucial tasks like soil reports, structural design for homes, and energy efficiency assessments. Dive into geotechnical investigations, wastewater systems, and construction inspections, ensuring safe and sustainable living spaces. Craft drainage and stormwater plans, manage water resources with soakage assessments, and contribute to small subdivisions, creating vibrant communities.


Join our Civil engineering department and dive into a dynamic career shaping Australia’s urban landscape. As a graduate engineer, you’ll work on a diverse range of projects, from residential and industrial subdivisions to road development, sewer and stormwater systems, and even sports facilities. Collaborate with stakeholders to create vibrant public spaces and contribute to retail center design. Your involvement spans feasibility studies, environmental sustainability, engineering design, and project management.


Embark on a meaningful career in Environmental engineering and science, where your impact is felt in safeguarding our planet. As a graduate engineer/scientist, your responsibilities encompass waste soil classification, environmental site history investigations, and the formulation of Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMPs) to ensure sustainable construction practices. You’ll conduct rigorous environmental compliance audits and human health risk assessments, prioritising safety and well-being. Dive into site remediation, groundwater testing, and the responsible decommissioning of service stations and industrial facilities, contributing to environmental preservation.


Dive into our Aquatics department where your focus will span from creating free-form swimming pools for homes, schools, and public facilities to the intricate domain of commercial swimming pool hydraulic design. Precision in commercial pool detailing and hydraulic design is paramount in delivering top-tier designs that adhere to industry standards and surpass client expectations.


Join our Structural engineering department, where you’ll build your career on a diverse portfolio of projects. As a graduate engineer, you’ll tackle structural design for housing, commercial and industrial buildings, schools, and more. You’ll work on everything from footing plans to utilising innovative materials like timber, steel, and reinforced concrete. Dive into cutting-edge methods like tilt-up and precast concrete for various structures, including wineries, apartments, and even major retail developments. If you’re ready to shape the future of our built environment, your journey in structural engineering starts here.


In our Geotechnical department you’ll conduct geotechnical investigations essential for both commercial and residential developments, ensuring their structural integrity. Conduct pavement investigations, addressing design and failure issues, and become a specialist in slope stability and settlement analysis, crucial for safe developments. Additionally, you’ll contribute to materials searches, vital for road construction projects. If you’re ready to explore the depths of geotechnical engineering and play a pivotal role in building Australia’s future, this is where your journey begins.


Start your career with a compelling journey in Forensic engineering, where you’ll become a detective of structural mysteries. As a graduate engineer, your role involves investigating, assessing, and offering remediation advice for various types of damage to buildings and structures, including fire, storm, and flood damage. You’ll be a trusted resource for government departments, property owners, builders, insurers, and loss adjusters. Dive into the realm of legal support, providing expert witness services for court hearings. Contribute to safe investments with pre-purchase building inspections and building maintenance appraisals. Conduct diligent dilapidation surveys before and after construction and become a specialist in structural underpinning.

Application Process

Resume and Cover Letter

Submit your updated resume and a well-crafted cover letter highlighting your passion for engineering and why you are interested in joining FMG Engineering’s Graduate Program.

Academic Transcript

Upload your official academic transcript showcasing your academic achievements and courses completed during your undergraduate studies.

In-Person Interview

If shortlisted, you will be invited to an in-person interview with a manager or managers of the business in which there are Graduate opportunities. This interview will provide an opportunity for us to learn more about you, assess your communication skills, and discuss your fit for the program.

Final Selection

Based on your application, academic transcript, video submission and interview we will carefully evaluate and select the most qualified candidates to join the FMG Engineering Graduate Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Graduate Program?

Typically, the FMG Engineering Graduate Program is a structured program running for 18 months, providing comprehensive training, mentorship, and hands-on experience.

When will I hear about my application?

After submitting your application, our selection process takes time to assess all candidates thoroughly. We aim to provide updates regarding the status of your application within a reasonable time frame. You will be informed via email or other communication channels regarding the outcome of your application.

When do Graduates start?

The start date for graduates in the FMG Engineering Graduate Program is in February. Successful applicants will receive information regarding the program start date after the selection process is completed.

What is the dress code?

At FMG Engineering, we value professionalism and strive to make a positive impression. We kindly request that all individuals maintain a presentable and professional attire while at our premises or representing our company.

What is included in the Graduate Program?

The FMG Engineering Graduate Program offers a range of benefits and opportunities, including access to specialised training, mentorship from experienced professionals, hands-on project experience, professional development workshops, networking opportunities, and exposure to various departments within FMG Engineering.

Are there any staff benefits?

FMG Engineering offers a comprehensive package of staff benefits, which include professional development support, employee discounts, paid parental leave, compressed 9-day fortnights and additional perks. Specific details of the staff benefits will be provided to successful candidates upon joining the program.

Can I change departments once I have started the program?

The possibility of changing departments within the FMG Engineering Graduate Program may vary based organisational requirements. Flexibility to explore different departments or projects will be communicated during the program, based on availability and individual circumstances.

Can I apply for the Graduate Program outside of the official dates?

We understand that circumstances may vary, and we strive to accommodate applicants as best as we can. While our official application dates provide a structured timeline for the application process, we do consider exceptional cases on an individual/business needs basis.

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