Fellows of Engineers Australia

It’s not every day, that we get to celebrate our engineers reaching pinnacle moments in their careers, let alone two.

Leaders in forensic engineering, Bassam Deek Principal Forensic Engineer, and Alan Greaney Principal Forensic Engineer have been recognised as ‘Fellow’ members of Engineers Australia. This acknowledgment is a testament to their hard work and dedication to the engineering profession throughout their longstanding careers.

“I feel immensely honoured and privileged to be recognised as a Fellow of Engineers Australia. Becoming a Fellow is one of the most important milestones in a Professional Engineer’s career, as it is an acknowledgement of the time and effort applied to the area of expertise in your chosen area of practice. I am extremely grateful to all my colleagues, both past and present, who have helped, mentored and guided me along my journey so far. Furthermore, the support given by my wife and family has allowed me to achieve this treasured status.” Alan Greaney


“Becoming a Fellow engineer is important to me as it is the highest level of membership with Engineers Australia and it makes me very proud, in particular as it is a timely progression in my engineering career after 38 years of experience. It communicates a recognition of eminence within the engineering profession and also a testament from peers to my knowledge and experience. “ Bassam  Deek

With all eyes on the future, Bassam and Alan welcome the opportunity to inspire and mentor the next generation of engineers and encourage them to chase their dreams as they continue to learn and grow into ethical industry leaders.

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Featured: Bassam Deek, Alan Greaney and Jason Thornhill – Engineers Australia.

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