A true asset to FMG Engineering

Employee of the Month – Garth Quarrell.

Garth consistently demonstrates a selfless, cooperative spirit, always working to ensure that everyone around him succeeds. A true team player in every sense of the word.

Garth goes above and beyond to support his colleagues, lending a hand whenever it is needed. His positive attitude and strong work ethic inspire others to be their best. He is always willing to lend his time and effort to help his team complete projects to the best of their ability.

In addition to his teamwork, Garth is also an exceptional individual contributor. He consistently produces high-quality work, consistently meeting or exceeding expectations. He is highly skilled in his area of expertise and has a genuine passion for his work.

Garth’s commitment to our core value of “One Team” makes him an invaluable member of our organisation. He is a true asset to FMG Engineering and sets a shining example for us all.

Garth embodies what it means to live our core value of “One Team.”

Please join us in congratulating Garth on a job well done and in thanking him for his contributions to our team.

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