What’s Cooking In The Lab?

Sous Vide Machine

What’s Cooking In The Lab?

A sous vide machine is not a regular feature in the materials testing lab. However, thanks to the quick, “Out-of-the-box” thinking of Soils Technician and ex-pastry chef Poul Pederson the FMG Research team cooked up a successful technique to test Unconfined Compressive Strength (UCS).

Our client’s tight timeframe and project restraints meant that a rapid curing method for UCS testing was required. With little time to spare, FMG Research converted every day house items such as plastic tubs and sous vide to provide a constant heated curing tank to rapidly cure UCS.

The sous vide allowed for the water tank to be continuously heated making the accelerated curing AS 5101.4 possible and saved our client from costly delays.

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