Geelong Grammer School - Toorak Wellbeing Centre
Geelong Grammer School - Toorak Wellbeing Centre
Geelong Grammar Wellness Centre

The Wellness Centre, which includes an indoor swimming pool, has been designed as a centre that can be used throughout the day by students, teachers and parents alike and is a key feature at the Toorak campus. A new kitchen and decking area serves as a new hub for the school community – it has a triple use, with a morning cafe, tuck shop and an out-of-hours nutritional classroom which will complement the afterschool care.

Activities in the pool hall ensure the new centre provides a vibrant facility with a diverse range of activities on offer for students. This state-of-the-art facility operates with significant ESD features, including:

  • Minimisation of water loss for the pool by recycling roof water and water catchment facilities
  • An abundance of natural light throughout the centre and ancillary areas
  • Natural solar heating of the pool water.
Key Personnel
Ashley Holmes
Aquatic Engineer
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