Heritage Listed Retaining Wall, Damage Investigation

The heritage-listed masonry retaining wall, built in 1888, at the University of Melbourne’s Parkville Campus was subject to an active construction site directly adjacent it. FMG was engaged to assess the current capacity of the retaining wall under current ‘normal’ loading conditions, determine if the retaining wall had sufficient reserve capacity to support construction loads arising from the plant and equipment and propose methods of supporting loads from the above equipment if the wall lacks the required reserve capacity.

FMG’s investigation identified that the wall lacks the capacity required to resist loads arising from the location of construction equipment on the backfill immediately behind the wall.  FMG provided practical solutions for UOM and the contractor to safely carry out the proposed construction works while adequately protecting the heritage-listed retaining wall.

Parkville Campus
University of Melboune
Key Personnel
Jiwan Sohn
Principal Forensic Engineer
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